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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! Go Falcons!

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The fourth grade curriculum is exciting and full of information about California's history.  In addition to reading and learning about our state from our social studies textbook, we will be reading several historical fiction novels that cover part of the history of our state. These novels include the following: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Zia, Katya of Fort Ross, By the Great Horn Spoon, Patty Reed's Doll, and Riding Freedom. I suspect you will find these novels interesting! In addition to these historical fiction novels, we will be reading several novels during book clubs covering a variety of genres. During independent reading time, you will also have an opportunity to read literature of your choosing at your reading level. Accelerated Reader points will be earned based on comprehension of material. As we read, we will learn and reinforce reading strategies that should help you grow as a reader. 
Writing this year will cover the following genres: Opinion, Informative, and Narrative. It will include topics from social studies and science. Think multiple paragraphs, topic sentences, details, transition words, and text based evidence. In addition, there will be several book projects and research reports throughout the year that I think you will enjoy. These include a Native Californian research reportCalifornia Region projectCalifornia Mission report and projectGold Rush Project, and Wax Museum.   
The fourth grade math curriculum ranges from basic operations to more complex multiplication and division, geometry, place value, fraction equivalence and operations, and algebraic expressions and equations. Problem solving strategies are emphasized throughout our units. We use the enVision Math program to explore these concepts.  I think you will really enjoy math this year!
The science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Our credentialed science specialist will cover these standards using hands-on experiments. Students will make observations, take notes, and use science vocabulary. The scientific process and engineering design process will be incorporated throughout their study.
Science Themes:
Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
Earth's Place in the Universe
Earth's Systems
Earth and Human Activity
Waves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer
Engineering Design
Technology will be embedded throughout the curriculum.  We will utilize Chrome Books to access learning sites to include Google Docs, IXL math, Accelerated Reader, i Ready Math and Language Arts, as well as a variety of software programs to support and enhance the material.  
We also have field trips planned that will enhance social studies themes covered in class.  Additional information to follow when available. Volunteers are both welcome and necessary for these outdoor learning adventures.  
Mr. Leshnick's Biography
You are in good hands! This is my 20th year teaching. Before relocating to Placer County this year, I taught for 5 years at Glenwood Elementary School for San Rafael City Schools and Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia for 7 years. Prior to that, I taught for San Rafael City Schools for 7 years. My experience includes teaching grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.  
I hold a B.S. degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany. I received a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Concord, California. As a life long learner, I continue to take professional development and college coursework to further enhance teaching skills. I am looking forward to an amazing year working with the students, parents, and staff at Foskett Ranch Elementary School.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is aleshnick@wpusd.org

Additional Information About Mr. Leshnick

*Approximately 27,000,000 minutes old and counting
*Favorite Animal: Cat named Zoey
*Likes to travel
*His wife's name is Laura
*Favorite vacation spot = Hawaii
*Born in New York City
*Has a brother named David
*Mom is a happily retired New York City teacher
*Favorite sport to watch is baseball
*His first name is Andrew, but a lot of people call him Andy or Mr. L.
*Favorite subject(s): I'll leave that up to you to decide!
*Favorite ice cream flavor - Mostly anything
*Favorite type of food - Italian
*Favorite movie genre - Drama
*Favorite children's books - The B.F.G., The City of Ember, The People of Sparks, and Hatchet