This program and passages are from Mrs. Uribe.  She has amazing resources on her website!  
 In our class, we will begin doing  a reading fluency program called the "Reading Race" to build students' reading fluency (speed of reading, with accuracy and appropriate intonation--"a radio voice" as I call it).
Your child will earn a piece to a picture every time they master a reading passage by reading it fluently (100 words or more per minute, fewer than 5 mistakes, in a "radio voice").  The first set of passages earns your child a complete fall apple and pumpkin scene, the second is a rainbow, and the third is an ocean scene.  I even have a higher 4th-5th grade level set, as well as a 5th-6th grade level set to challenge students who pass the first 3 sets.  There are 20 passages in each set, and your child will be tested 2-3 times per week.  Each time they pass, they should practice the next passage as much as possible.  Repeated readings build fluency. You can use the links to the full sets below.  You can print them out, or just have your child read them straight from the computer.

   On each page you will see a goal time at the bottom so you know how long it should take to read that particular passage.  At the top you will see which picture your child is currently trying to complete, and which piece they will receive when they master that passage.

   Please encourage your child to master their reading passages, I have seen amazing results with this program!  

   Just a note...this program is designed to increase fluency only.  Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading and we spend most of our reading time in class on comprehension skills.  However, with increased fluency comes better comprehension!  This program does not affect your child's grade, it is strictly to help them increase their fluency, which of course will in turn, help their reading grade in the long run.  My expectation is that a child reading at grade level should be able to complete the first three sets by the end of 2nd grade.
Set One (Fall Apple and Pumpkin Scene)  1st-2nd Grade Level
Set Two (Rainbow) 2nd-3rd Grade Level
Set Three (Ocean) 3rd-4th Grade Level
Set Four (Flag) 4th-5th Grade Level
Set Five (Solar System)  5th-6th Grade Level