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 Important Staff Links

  • Illuminate
    District Testing Website

    Illuminate Training Links:
Download Verizon 15 (web license) 
Download Verizon 15 (web license) 

Online SchedulerConference Scheduler 1st Trimester

  • PowerSource
    Training and Resources for PowerSchool Users
  • PowerTeacher
    Online grades, gradebook, email, hot lunch count, and attendance for teachers and staff
  •  Spark 
    Physical Education Curriculum 
  •  Successnet
    Teachers must sign in to Successnet before signing in to OLE.
Additional Useful Links
  • CTAP - Online Workshops
  •  Davis Art
    This is our district adopted Visual Arts curriculum web page. This site has great links for museums, grants, contests, supplies and standards.
  •  Eduplace
     Website that supports our Language Arts curriculum.
  •  Khan Academy
     A fantastic math instructional and practice site which has activities in other subjects as well.
  •  Hoodamath
     A really fun website loaded with educational math games.
  • Prezi - Presentation Software
  •  Typing Web
     Great site to help develop typing skills.

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How do I access WPUSD email now?

  • Email may be accessed (both inside and outside our network) through the Google website.
  • You may click below to be taken to the WPUSD Gmail site link.  From this link you will only need to enter first initial last name as the other portion is already taken care for you.
  • If you may also access your mail directly from the Google website, you must enter
    • first initial last 

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Every teacher K-12 needs to complete an i-Safe lesson with their class.

1)To login to i-Safe go to:

If you do not have an account, you will need to email me.

If you forgot your password, click forgot password or click here.


2)Once you login to the i-Safe website, follow these directions:

>Click My Info

>Scroll Down until you see Curriculum Download

>Click Download

>Scroll down until you see grade and lessons

> Pick a lesson and click on it

>Click or double click on folder to unzip it.

>Click on folder with grade

>Click on PDF with lesson

>Read teacher lesson

> You may need to print a worksheet or use a projector and document camera


3)To document that you did an i-Safe lesson, please click and print the form below: 



E-Rate Internet Safety Lesson Verification Log

4) Turn your form in by giving it to me or putting it in my box.
Once I have everyone's form, I will give them to the principal. She will then be able to sign a form stating eveyone completed the Internet Safety Lessons.