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Teacher: CAASPP Test LoginTop of Page

TA use the above link to locate profile settings. 
TA click on the above link and select Test Administrator Interface


Use the above link to access interim assessment results.

Student: Testing Login InstructionsTop of Page

Student Login Chromebooks
*Do not sign in.
1. Click on Apps (Lower Left Corner)
2. Click on AIRSecureTest

Student Login Computer Lab
1. Click on Secure Browser Link

Student: SBAC Pre-Testing LinksTop of Page

SBAC Student Video (5:52 min)

View the 5 minute video whole group to stop periodically and discuss portions of the video.

SBAC Student Video (14:07 min)
View the 14 minute video whole group (more than once if necessary) to stop periodically and discuss.

SBAC Practice Test

Additional Teacher Information and Videos

Chromebooks for TeachersTop of Page

Teacher Training Materials



Additional Resources 

Useful Chrome Web Apps from the Chrome Web Store
Dictionary by Google
Diigo - Bookmark favorite pages
Pixlr Editor
pixorial video
Calculator Toolbox
Fraction Simplifier
GeoGebra - for graphing
Desmos Graphing Calculator

Easy Bib- Generates a Works Cited page